May 4, 2017
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

HTML5-JavaScript DataGrid Enhancements (v17.1)

Check out these two new features of the powerful DevExtreme DataGrid widget in the v17.1 release.

Advanced Column Resizing

You now have two choices of how the DataGrid will resize columns:

  • widget - modifies the width of the entire widget. In other words, the widget itself will grow or shrink when a column is resized.
  • nextColumn - the widget width stays the same when a column is resized but instead the column immediately to the right will expand or contract.

This gif shows the two options in action:

DevExtreme DataGrid - Column Resizing

You can still control the minimum column size using the columnMinWidth and column.minWidth options.

Popup Edit Form

A new popup edit form will display a modal popup that provides your end-users an alternative way to edit the grid's data:

DevExtreme DataGrid Popup

By default, the Popup Edit Form is auto-generated based on column settings, but you can customize it through the options or redesign it using templates.

And both these features are available for the new TreeList widget as well.

What do you think about the new DevExtreme DataGrid enhancements? Drop me a line below.