May 8, 2017
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

HTML5 Scheduler - Performance Enhancements (Coming soon in v17.1)

One of our primary goals for DevExtreme in 2017 was to improve our HTML5 Scheduler's performance. I'm happy to report that the DevExtreme Scheduler's client-side rendering performance is faster than ever. Check out the difference when compared to our previous v16.2 release:

DevExtreme Scheduler - v17.1 - Performance Improvement

Rendering Improvements

We've improved our HTML 5 Scheduler widget's rendering logic. Previously, any action with a single appointment always re-rendered all appointments displayed in the current view. With the improved logic in the v17.1 release, appointments are only re-rendered when one of the following occurs:

  • Dragging an appointment
  • Resizing an appointment
  • Changing an appointment using the appointment form
  • Adding an appointment
  • Deleting an appointment

These improvements provide a better end-user experience. The changes also make the DevExtreme Scheduler as fast (and faster in some cases) than the competition. For example, here's comparison with other popular calendar/scheduler widgets when 'creating a single appointment':

DevExtreme Scheduler - v17.1 - Performance Improvement

What do you think about the DevExtreme Scheduler's performance improvements? Drop me a line below.