May 27, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

DevExtreme HTML5 Widgets - Data Grid Export, Fixed Columns, and more (Coming soon in v15.1)

We've added three major enhancements to our excellent client-side HTML5 Data Grid widget:

Excel Export

DevExtreme HTML5 Widgets - Data Grid Export

This was the most requested feature of the DevExtreme Data Grid widget and I'm happy to announce that it's available in the v15.1 release!

You can now export data displayed in the HTML5/JS Data Grid widget to an Excel document (for all or only selected rows). Data is exported as it is displayed inside the grid - with sorting, filtering and grouping applied - with numbers, dates and formatting maintained.

The exporting is done on the client-side too. To learn more, join me on the webinar listed below.

Fixed Columns

The DevExpress HTML5 Data Grid allows you to anchor columns to the left or rightmost grid edge. When anchored, columns are not horizontally scrolled with the grid.

Header Filter

DevExtreme HTML5 Widgets - Data Grid Export

With this release, you can filter grid data against any column by choosing unique column values from a drop-down list (using the column header’s filter button).