May 26, 2015
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

DevExtreme HTML5 Widgets - Pivot Grid (Coming soon in v15.1)

Check out the new DevExpress HTML5 Pivot Grid widget that's coming out in the DevExtreme v15.1 release:

DevExtreme HTML5 Pivot Grid Widget

The new HTML5 Pivot Grid allows you to create a pivot table for multidimensional data analysis.

The DevExpress HTML5 Pivot Grid supports data provided by OLAP services (MS SQL Server Analysis Services), and connects to any JSON data.

By using the capabilities built into the Pivot Grid, large data sets can be summarized and represented in a cross-tabular format – and can be sorted and filtered as necessary.

And the Pivot Grid ships with numerous run-time customization options that your end-users can freely change it's layout and data perspective based on their specific business requirements.


We took our knowledge of designing powerful Pivot Grid controls for the other platforms to bring you the most powerful and useful features in our new HTML5 Pivot Grid.

Summaries & more:

The new Pivot Grid delivers on it's promise to display accurate summaries for multidimensional data with built-in features like:

  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling with fixed headers
  • Showing Totals and Grand Totals
  • Expanding/collapsing all header items by level
  • Sorting by value, caption or summary

DevExtreme HTML5 Pivot Grid With Context Menu

Client-side calculations

And it's a true client-side control. All calculations are done on the client-side when you bind from an array, OData, or custom remote sources. It gives support for:

- Built-in summary types (count, sum, avg, min, max) and custom summary support
- Group intervals

Power users

And with the built-in 'Field-Chooser' dialog, your end-users can customize and become a power-user of the Pivot Grid widget. With the Field Chooser dialog you can:

- Use drag-and-drop to configure column, row, and data fields
- Change Sort Order
- Filter using the pop-up dialog
- Standalone Field Chooser - and the Field Chooser can be displayed right next to the Pivot Grid instead of displaying it as pop-up

DevExtreme HTML5 Pivot Grid With Field Chooser

Large data support

The Pivot Grid easily handles larges amounts of data. However, what if you've got millions of rows of data. Then you can use the OLAP/XMLA support that's built-in to the Pivot Grid.

This allows your Pivot Grid to work seamlessly when it connects to an OLAP cube using XMLA because the calculations are done on the server side.

Charts integration

The Pivot Grid works great with DevExtreme Charts too. You can connect the two together so that your data can also be visualized in a chart form:

DevExtreme HTML5 Pivot Grid With Field Chooser

Right To Left

There's built-in RTL (right-to-left) support using a single property.

Mobile touch & desktop browsers

And like all the other DevExtreme widgets, the new Pivot Grid widget also supports touch on mobile devices while also working great on desktop browsers.

AngularJS, jQuery, KnockoutJS, etc.

The new Pivot Grid widget has support for AngularJS (directive), jQuery, and KnockoutJS. In fact, all DevExtreme widgets provide support for the popular JS frameworks mentioned previously. And you can bind to local or remote data.