Apr 16, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

HTML 5 Client-Side Data Grid (Coming Soon in v14.1)

For those of you who have been waiting for an HTML 5 JavaScript Data Grid from DevExpress...The good news is...

HTML5 JavaScript DataGrid DevExpress

Over the coming weeks, we'll share more information about this new JavaScript data grid widget, how it fits into our existing product line and where it might be appropriate to use versus the ASPxGridView for those targeting the Microsoft web stack. For the moment, here are some of the features I'd like to highlight:

  • DataGridJS will be easy to use and customize (How easy you ask? Well, as easy as copying the appropriate css and JS files, linking them from your page, copy and pasting a code snippet from our gallery, and voila, you're done).
  • DataGridJS will work everywhere - be it on a touch-enabled device or a traditional desktop. DataGridJS will deliver an optimal user experience for mouse/keyboard users and for those using touch/gestures.
  • DataGridJS was engineered to be lightweight so it always delivers the very best performance.
  • And DataGridJS was built to address the needs of all developers, regardless of development methodologies (use whatever you like - from AngularJS and Bootstrap to ASP.NET MVC and PHP).

HTML5 JavaScript DataGrid iPad Tablet