Dec 16, 2014
Tatyana Ryzhenkova (DevExpress)

Why a Polar Chart is so Useful?

With the release of 14.2, we extended the DevExtreme Data Visualization library with many new chart types. One of these, a polar chart, is introduced as a separate dxPolarChart widget. This is a circular graph widget that displays chart data in a polar coordinate system using the angle and the distance from the center point of this graph. Take a look at the examples below which outline when polar charts are best to use.

Most popularly, polar charts are utilized to demonstrate a wind rose. In fact, meteorologists often use this graphic tool to do just that. To better understand why a polar chart is a better choice for displaying a wind rose, let’s take a look at wind rose data presented by a rectangular coordinate system, followed by wind rose data presented by a polar chart.

As you can see, the polar chart is a more efficient tool in relaying information about how often the wind blows from one particular direction and estimating which range of wind strength prevails.

The example below demonstrates just how easy it is to comprehend different characteristics (not only the wind strength) and their relationship to each other.

Just looking at this chart, you can compare experience, punctuality, discipline and creativity of the two people used in the example.

Now, consider data where values correspond to a cyclically repeating argument. Look at the following two charts that present information about product sales for three years.

No doubt, the polar chart is simpler to understand – it displays trends very clearly, allowing you to better compare and comprehend production needs.

Polar charts are vibrant and can attract a lot of attention to your analysis. Take a look at yet another example where polar chart usage makes a big difference in how your customers will perceive your data.

This specific chart can be replaced with a polar chart without any loss in data presentation effectiveness.

Our dxPolarChart widget is a vibrant and impressive alternative to other charting tools. To learn more about this widget, please refer to our demos and documentation.

As always, we welcome your comments and input. Happy charting!