Nov 17, 2016
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

How to add DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Wrappers in Visual Studio (Now Available in v16.1.8)

We just released DevExtreme v16.1.8 and added a helpful new Visual Studio integration feature. You can now right-click on your Visual Studio project and enable it to start using the DevExtreme MVC wrappers. Here are the steps:

Get started faster

DevExpress MVC Wrappers require certain assemblies and resources to be part of your ASP.NET project. Now you can add the required resources and start using the DevExpress MVC Wrappers in a few clicks.

Before you begin, please install the DevExtreme v16.1.8 release. Then follow these steps:

1. Right-click 'Add DevExtreme...'

Right-click on your project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and select Add DevExtreme to the Project from the context menu:

Context Menu

2. Click 'OK'

Next, confirm your action in the dialog box and DevExtreme will begin adding its dependencies to your project.

Confirmation Message

3. That's it, you're ready!

You can see the changes in the Visual Studio Output window:

Output Window

A success message means that your project is set up to use the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Wrappers.

If there are any issues then you'll see them in this window too. It's unlikely that there will be an error but if you find any or need help, then please contact our excellent support department.

Watch the Webinar

Now that your project is ready to use DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Wrappers, start and add a Grid or Chart wrapper to it.

I recommend that you watch the webinar to learn how to add and use the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Wrappers:

Webinar link

What do you think about the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Wrappers? Drop me a line below, thanks.