Sep 18, 2013
Sergey Titov

iOS 7 Mobile App Style - Released

Update your DevExtreme applications with version 13.1.7 to get full support for the recently released iOS7 theme.

DevExtreme Mobile iOS7 Style

DevExtreme UI widgets are now stylized according to the iOS7 developer guidelines. No painful migration – everything works out-of-the-box. The packaging and deployment processes have not been changed. You can easily enable the new look and feel in the following manner (visit our documentation for detailed instructions and sample code):

//Switch to the iOS theme
var devices = DevExpress.devices,
    iosVersion = devices.iosVersion();
if(devices.current().platform === "ios" && iosVersion && iosVersion[0] === 7) {

To check the new theme in action, have a look at our KitchenSink app on the Demos page and let us know what you think.