Jul 12, 2013
Artem Tabalin

iOS 7 Theme (beta) is Released

Version 13.1.5 introduces full support for the iOS7 theme. All DevExtreme widgets are now stylized according to the iOS7 developer guidelines. So if you have iOS7 Beta for Developers on your device, go ahead and try the new theme in our KitchenSink app on the demos page.

The theme is still in beta and thus disabled by default. Visit our documentation for detailed instructions and sample code showing how to enable the new look and feel.

DevExtreme iOS7 styling

The production version will be available after the official iOS7 release coming this fall. By that time we’ll complete layout optimization for iOS7. Widget styles may also undergo a few changes.

DevExtreme iOS7 styling

Check out our latest release and let us know what you think.