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Tree Map

Drill Down

If you bind a TreeMap to a data source with a hierarchical structure, you can enable drill-down and drill-up functionality:

  • "Drill down" means navigate to a more detailed view.
  • "Drill up" means navigate back up a level.

In this demo, you can click/tap a group of TreeMap tiles to drill down. Once you go down a level, navigation links appear at the top of the TreeMap. Use them to drill back up. To implement this technique, follow the steps below:

  1. Set the interactWithGroup property to true to force the control to hot-track entire groups instead of individual items.

  2. Call the node.drillDown method in the TreeMap onClick handler.

  3. To enable drill-up functionality, generate links in the onDrill handler. Call the node.drillDown method on link clicks. Inspect the code below for implementation details.

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