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Range Charts

Timeline Chart

Timeline charts represent events in chronological order.

The exact timeline chart implementation steps depend on the data source. Below are general recommendations on how to create a timeline chart.  

  • Choose a series type
    Each event is represented by its name and start/end dates. In this case, the series type should have points with one argument and two values, for example, the Range Bar.

  • Bind the series to data
    You can bind the series to data directly or use a series template (depending on the data source). These approaches and their differences are described in the Bind Series to Data article. In this demo, we use a series template.

  • Line up bars
    Specify the barOverlapGroup to arrange bars in a line that displays a combined timeline.

  • Rotate the chart
    A range bar chart's bars are vertical. To make them horizontal, set the rotated property to true.

  • Sort the events chronologically
    Arguments maintain objects' order in the data source. If this order is not chronological, use the axis' categories array to specify the order.

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