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Data Grid

Collaborative Editing


Multiple users can edit the DataGrid's data in real-time. In this demo, changes made in one DataGrid are broadcasted to the other DataGrid via the SignalR service.

To implement this functionality:

  1. Generate a session ID used to identify DataGrids that should be edited simultaneously (groupId in this demo).

  2. Configure CustomStores. In this demo, we use the createStore method (part of the extension). The onBeforeSend function is used to send the session ID from step 1 to the server.

  3. Create store instances—one per DataGrid.

  4. Create DataGrids and bind them to the store instances.

  5. Update all the store instances when a push notification is received (see the updateStores function).

Changes made collaboratively are lost if you refresh the page because the SignalR service broadcasts changes without saving them.

using DevExtreme.AspNet.Data; using DevExtreme.AspNet.Mvc; using DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Hubs; using DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Models.DataGrid; using DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Models.SampleData; using Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR; using Newtonsoft.Json; using System; using System.Net; using System.Net.Http; using System.Net.Http.Formatting; using System.Web.Http; namespace DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Controllers.ApiControllers { public class DataGridCollaborativeEditingController : ApiController { static readonly Random random = new Random(); IHubContext hubContext; public DataGridCollaborativeEditingController() { hubContext = GlobalHost.ConnectionManager.GetHubContext<DataGridCollaborativeEditingHub>(); } [HttpGet] public object Get(DataSourceLoadOptions loadOptions) { return DataSourceLoader.Load(SampleData.DataGridEmployees, loadOptions); } [HttpPost] public HttpResponseMessage Post(FormDataCollection form) { var values = form.Get("values"); var groupId = form.Get("groupId"); var newEmployee = new Employee(); JsonConvert.PopulateObject(values, newEmployee); newEmployee.ID = random.Next(int.MaxValue); Validate(newEmployee); if(!ModelState.IsValid) { return Request.CreateErrorResponse(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest, ModelState.GetFullErrorMessage()); } // db.Employees.Add(newEmployee); // db.SaveChanges(); hubContext.Clients.Group(groupId).insert(newEmployee); return Request.CreateResponse(newEmployee); } [HttpPut] public HttpResponseMessage Put(FormDataCollection form) { var key = Convert.ToInt32(form.Get("key")); var values = form.Get("values"); var groupId = form.Get("groupId"); var employee = new Employee(); JsonConvert.PopulateObject(values, employee); employee.ID = key; Validate(employee); if(!ModelState.IsValid) { return Request.CreateErrorResponse(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest, ModelState.GetFullErrorMessage()); } // db.SaveChanges(); hubContext.Clients.Group(groupId).update(key, employee); return Request.CreateResponse(employee); } [HttpDelete] public void Delete(FormDataCollection form) { var key = Convert.ToInt32(form.Get("key")); var groupId = form.Get("groupId"); // var employee = db.Employees.First(a => a.ID == key); // db.Employees.Remove(employee); // db.SaveChanges(); hubContext.Clients.Group(groupId).remove(key); } } }
using Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Hubs { public class DataGridCollaborativeEditingHub : Hub { public override Task OnConnected() { var groupId = Context.QueryString["GroupId"]; Groups.Add(Context.ConnectionId, groupId); return base.OnConnected(); } } }