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Data Grid

Export to PDF (CTP)

Our DataGrid allows you to easily and accurately export its contents to a PDF document. To enable PDF export operations, you must reference or import the following:

  • jsPDF
    A library that creates and manages PDF documents.

  • jsPDF-AutoTable
    A plugin that creates and manages tables in PDF documents.

Once you have referenced/imported all required resources, call the exportDataGrid(options) method that belongs to the pdfExporter module to export DataGrid content to a PDF document.

In this demo, the exportDataGrid(options) method is called when you click the Export to PDF button. Review the export code in the button's onClick handler to learn more.


This functionality is available as a community technology preview (CTP). Should you have any questions or suggestions prior to its official release, please email your comments to You can also share your feedback on this feature's discussion page.

Thank you for your interest in our ASP.NET Core product libraries and UI component suite. We are moving ASP.NET Core-related demos and content to Please make sure to update your bookmarks with our new URL.

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