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Data Grid

OData Service


This example demonstrates how to configure the DataGrid widget to display remote data accessed using the OData protocol. Specify the data store type and remote data service URL, define data shaping options, and configure grid columns.

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$(function(){ $("#gridContainer").dxDataGrid({ showBorders: true, dataSource: { store: { type: "odata", url: "" }, select: [ "Product_ID", "Product_Name", "Product_Cost", "Product_Sale_Price", "Product_Retail_Price", "Product_Current_Inventory" ], filter: ["Product_Current_Inventory", ">", 0] }, columns: [ "Product_ID", { dataField: "Product_Name", width: 250 }, { caption: "Cost", dataField: "Product_Cost", dataType: "number", format: "currency" }, { dataField: "Product_Sale_Price", caption: "Sale Price", dataType: "number", format: "currency" }, { dataField: "Product_Retail_Price", caption: "Retail Price", dataType: "number", format: "currency" }, { dataField: "Product_Current_Inventory", caption: "Inventory" } ] }); });
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