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Data Grid

Toolbar Customization

The DataGrid includes an integrated toolbar that displays predefined and custom controls. To add or remove toolbar items, declare the toolbar.items[] array.

This demo illustrates how to add the following items to the toolbar:

  • Predefined Controls
    Declare a toolbar item element and specify the name and properties that you want to customize. If a control does not need customization, include its name only. Ensure that items[] contain controls for all features that you enabled in your DataGrid. In this demo, we enable the columnChooser and add the "columnChooserButton" to the items[] array.

  • DevExtreme Components
    Configure the desired DevExtreme component within a toolbar item element. In this demo, we extended the toolbar's item collection with a Button and a SelectBox.

  • Custom Elements
    Specify a template for your custom element within a toolbar item. In this demo, the custom element displays the total group count.

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