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Customize Item

You can use the items[] array to configure all form items. This array can contain strings (formData field names) and objects (item configurations).

Use a string to create a simple item with default configuration as shown for the Email item.

To change the default settings, declare an item configuration object. Use the dataField property to bind an item to a field in the formData object. Use the editorType property to specify an item's data editor or configure the editor in the editorOptions object. You can also specify any other properties described in the SimpleItem section.

This demo shows how to specify editorOptions, editorType, validationRules, and colSpan properties for simple items in a Form component.

Backend API
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<div class="long-title"> <h3>Employee Details</h3> </div> <div id="form-container"> <dx-form id="form" [colCount]="2" [formData]="employee"> <dxi-item dataField="FirstName" [editorOptions]="{ disabled: true }" ></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="Position" editorType="dxSelectBox" [editorOptions]="{ items: positions, searchEnabled: true, value: '' }" > <dxi-validation-rule type="required" message="Position is required" ></dxi-validation-rule> </dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="LastName" [editorOptions]="{ disabled: true }" ></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="HireDate" editorType="dxDateBox" [editorOptions]="{ value: null, width: '100%' }" > <dxi-validation-rule type="required" message="Hire date is required" ></dxi-validation-rule> </dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="BirthDate" editorType="dxDateBox" [editorOptions]="{ disabled: true, width: '100%' }" ></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="Address"></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="Notes" editorType="dxTextArea" [editorOptions]="{ height: 90 }" [colSpan]="2" ></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="Phone" [editorOptions]="{ mask: '+1 (X00) 000-0000', maskRules: rules }" ></dxi-item> <dxi-item dataField="Email"></dxi-item> </dx-form> </div>
import { NgModule, Component, ViewChild, enableProdMode, AfterViewInit, } from '@angular/core'; import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { platformBrowserDynamic } from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic'; import { DxSelectBoxModule, DxTextAreaModule, DxFormModule, DxFormComponent, } from 'devextreme-angular'; import { Employee, Service } from './app.service'; if (!/localhost/.test( { enableProdMode(); } @Component({ selector: 'demo-app', providers: [Service], templateUrl: 'app/app.component.html', styleUrls: ['app/app.component.css'], }) export class AppComponent implements AfterViewInit { @ViewChild(DxFormComponent, { static: false }) myform: DxFormComponent; employee: Employee; positions: string[]; rules: Object; constructor(service: Service) { this.employee = service.getEmployee(); this.positions = service.getPositions(); this.rules = { X: /[02-9]/ }; } ngAfterViewInit() { this.myform.instance.validate(); } } @NgModule({ imports: [ BrowserModule, DxSelectBoxModule, DxTextAreaModule, DxFormModule, ], declarations: [AppComponent], bootstrap: [AppComponent], }) export class AppModule { } platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule);
::ng-deep #form-container { margin: 10px 10px 30px; } ::ng-deep .long-title h3 { font-family: 'Segoe UI Light', 'Helvetica Neue Light', 'Segoe UI', 'Helvetica Neue', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana; font-weight: 200; font-size: 28px; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 20px; }
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; export class Employee { ID: number; FirstName: string; LastName: string; Position: string; BirthDate: string; HireDate: string; Notes: string; Address: string; Phone: string; Email: string; } const employee : Employee = { ID: 1, FirstName: 'John', LastName: 'Heart', Position: 'CEO', BirthDate: '1964/03/16', HireDate: '1995/01/15', Notes: 'John has been in the Audio/Video industry since 1990. He has led DevAv as its CEO since 2003.\r\n\r\nWhen not working hard as the CEO, John loves to golf and bowl. He once bowled a perfect game of 300.', Address: '351 S Hill St., Los Angeles, CA', Phone: '360-684-1334', Email: '', }; const positions : string[] = [ 'HR Manager', 'IT Manager', 'CEO', 'Controller', 'Sales Manager', 'Support Manager', 'Shipping Manager', ]; @Injectable() export class Service { getEmployee() : Employee { return employee; } getPositions() : string[] { return positions; } }
// In real applications, you should not transpile code in the browser. // You can see how to create your own application with Angular and DevExtreme here: // window.config = { transpiler: 'ts', typescriptOptions: { module: 'system', emitDecoratorMetadata: true, experimentalDecorators: true, }, meta: { 'typescript': { 'exports': 'ts', }, 'devextreme/localization.js': { 'esModule': true, }, }, paths: { 'npm:': '', }, map: { 'ts': 'npm:plugin-typescript@8.0.0/lib/plugin.js', 'typescript': 'npm:typescript@4.3.5/lib/typescript.js', '@angular/core': 'npm:@angular/core@12.2.16', '@angular/platform-browser': 'npm:@angular/platform-browser@12.2.16', '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic': 'npm:@angular/platform-browser-dynamic@12.2.16', '@angular/forms': 'npm:@angular/forms@12.2.16', '@angular/common': 'npm:@angular/common@12.2.16', '@angular/compiler': 'npm:@angular/compiler@12.2.16', 'tslib': 'npm:tslib@2.3.1/tslib.js', 'rxjs': 'npm:rxjs@6.4.0', 'rrule': 'npm:rrule@2.6.6/dist/es5/rrule.js', 'luxon': 'npm:luxon@1.28.0/build/global/luxon.min.js', 'es6-object-assign': 'npm:es6-object-assign@1.1.0', 'devextreme': 'npm:devextreme@21.2.7/cjs', 'devextreme/bundles/dx.all': 'npm:devextreme@21.2.7/bundles/dx.all.js', 'jszip': 'npm:jszip@3.7.1/dist/jszip.min.js', 'devextreme-quill': 'npm:devextreme-quill@1.5.14/dist/dx-quill.min.js', 'devexpress-diagram': 'npm:devexpress-diagram@2.1.47', 'devexpress-gantt': 'npm:devexpress-gantt@4.0.13', 'devextreme-angular': 'npm:devextreme-angular@21.2.7', '@devextreme/runtime': 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@2.3.14', 'inferno': 'npm:inferno@7.4.11/dist/inferno.min.js', 'inferno-compat': 'npm:inferno-compat@7.4.11/dist/inferno-compat.min.js', 'inferno-create-element': 'npm:inferno-create-element@7.4.11/dist/inferno-create-element.min.js', 'inferno-dom': 'npm:inferno-dom/dist/inferno-dom.min.js', 'inferno-hydrate': 'npm:inferno-hydrate@7.4.11/dist/inferno-hydrate.min.js', 'inferno-clone-vnode': 'npm:inferno-clone-vnode@7.4.11/dist/inferno-clone-vnode.min.js', 'inferno-create-class': 'npm:inferno-create-class@7.4.11/dist/inferno-create-class.min.js', 'inferno-extras': 'npm:inferno-extras@7.4.11/dist/inferno-extras.min.js', }, packages: { 'app': { main: './app.component.ts', defaultExtension: 'ts', }, 'devextreme': { defaultExtension: 'js', }, 'devextreme/events/utils': { main: 'index', }, 'devextreme/events': { main: 'index', }, 'es6-object-assign': { main: './index.js', defaultExtension: 'js', }, }, packageConfigPaths: [ 'npm:@devextreme/*/package.json', 'npm:@devextreme/runtime@2.3.14/inferno/package.json', 'npm:@angular/*/package.json', 'npm:@angular/common@12.2.16/*/package.json', 'npm:rxjs@6.4.0/package.json', 'npm:rxjs@6.4.0/operators/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@21.2.7/*/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@21.2.7/ui/*/package.json', 'npm:devextreme-angular@21.2.7/package.json', 'npm:devexpress-diagram@2.1.47/package.json', 'npm:devexpress-gantt@4.0.13/package.json', ], }; System.config(window.config);
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