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Circular Gauge

Gauge Title Customized


This demo shows how to specify and customize the CircularGauge title using the options of the title configuration object.

@(Html.DevExtreme().CircularGauge() .ID("gauge") .Scale(s => s .StartValue(0) .EndValue(10) .TickInterval(2) ) .Value(7) .Title(t => t .Text("Amount of Produced Gold (Kilos)") .HorizontalAlignment(HorizontalAlignment.Center) .VerticalAlignment(VerticalEdge.Bottom) .Font(f => f .Size(30) .Color("#CFB53B") ) .Margin(m => m .Top(25) ) ) )
using DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Models.SampleData; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Web.Mvc; namespace DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Controllers { public class GaugesController : Controller { public ActionResult GaugeTitleCustomized() { return View(); } } }
#gauge { height: 440px; width: 100%; }