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Item Deletion UI

The List displays a collection of items as a scrollable list. To create a list, pass an array of items to the dataSource property.

To allow users to delete items, set the allowItemDeleting property to true. Use the "Allow deletion" checkbox under the List to toggle this property.

The "Deletion UI type" drop-down menu under the List allows you to switch between the different deletion behaviors described below. Menu items correspond to itemDeleteMode property values.

  • "static" (default for desktops)
    Click an X button next to a list item to delete it.

  • "toggle"
    Click a minus icon next to a list item to display the Delete button.

  • "slideButton"
    Swipe left or right to show the Delete button next to the list item. The content of the list item does not move.

  • "slideItem" (default for iOS)
    Slide list items left. The content of the list item shifts to make space for the Delete button.

  • "swipe" (default for Android)
    Swipe items to delete them.

  • "context"
    Right-click or touch and hold the list item to call a context menu that contains the Delete option.

To get started with the DevExtreme List component, refer to the following tutorial for step-by-step instructions: Getting Started with List.

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