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Load Panel

Load Panel

The LoadPanel is an overlay component used to notify users that a process is in progress. In this demo, you can see how to initialize and configure the component.

Show and Hide the Indicator and Pane

LoadPanel elements (a message and an animated load indicator) are displayed on a pane. If you want to hide it, set the showPane property to false. You can also disable the showIndicator property to hide the animated load indicator. In this case, the LoadPanel displays only the message. In this demo, you can use the "With indicator" and "With pane" checkboxes to change the visibility of the load indicator and pane.

Configure the Background Shade

When LoadPanel is displayed, it shades the background. Use the shadingColor property to specify the color of the shade. You can also specify the element that should be shaded. For this, assign the element's CSS selector to the container property. If you do not want to shade the background, disable the shading property. In this demo, you can uncheck the "With overlay" checkbox to do it.

Show and Hide LoadPanel

To change the LoadPanel visibility in code, use the visible property. Alternatively, you can call the show() and hide() or toggle(showing) methods.

Users can hide LoadPanel when they click outside it if you enable the hideOnOutsideClick property. Use the "Hide on outside click" checkbox to control this functionality in this demo.

LoadPanel also allows you to handle the show and hide events. Use the onShowing and onHiding functions to handle the events before they occur and possibily cancel them. Use the onShown and onHidden functions to perform required actions after the events are raised.

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