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Pivot Grid

Chart Integration

PivotGrid allows you to integrate the Chart component to visualize data. The Chart is synchronized with the PivotGrid and visualizes the currently displayed total summary values. Expand a row or column header in the PivotGrid below to see how it works.

Bind the Chart to the PivotGrid

To bind these two components, create a Chart and pass its instance as the first argument to the PivotGrid's bindChart(chart, integrationOptions) method. You can call this method at any point in your application. In this demo, we call it after view is initialized / component is mounted.

If you specify only the first argument and omit integrationOptions, default settings are in effect: row and column field values constitute chart series and arguments, respectively. The Chart displays values of each data field on a separate value axis. If you need to customize the resulting chart, specify the integrationOptions argument.

Convert PivotGrid Fields to Chart Series

You can use the following integrationOptions to specify how PivotGrid fields should be converted to chart series:

  • putDataFieldsInto: "series" | "args"

    • "series" - Data fields constitute chart series.
    • "args" - Data fields constitute chart arguments.
  • alternateDataFields: Boolean
    Specifies whether to alternate data fields in the resulting chart. This demo sets this field to false.

  • dataFieldsDisplayMode: "singleAxis" | "splitAxes" | "splitPanes"

    • "singleAxis" - All data field values are displayed on a single value axis.
    • "splitAxes" - Each data field has an individual value axis. Applies only if putDataFieldsInto is "series".
    • "splitPanes" - Each data field has an individual pane. Applies only if putDataFieldsInto is "series".

    dataFieldsDisplayMode applies only if the PivotGrid contains several data fields. In this demo, the dataFieldsDisplayMode field is set to "splitPanes".

  • inverted: Boolean
    If false, row field values constitute series and column field values form the chart arguments. If true - vice versa.

Advanced Customization

The integrationOptions object can also contain the following functions that allow you to process PivotGrid data before visualization and customize the Chart and its series:

  • processCell
    Processes a PivotGrid cell's data before the Chart displays it.

  • customizeChart
    Allows you to customize the Chart's appearance.

  • customizeSeries
    Allows you to customize the Chart's series.

Refer to the bindChart(chart, integrationOptions) method description for more information on these functions.

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