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Pivot Grid

Layout Customization

PivotGrid allows you to customize its layout. This demo illustrates the following properties:

  • rowHeaderLayout
    Allows you to specify the layout type for row header items. The "standard" layout displays child items to the right of the parent items. Assign "tree" to this property to display items more densely as a hierarchical structure.

  • showTotalsPrior
    Specifies whether totals precede or follow data rows and columns. This property does not affect row totals when rowHeaderLayout is "tree".

  • dataFieldArea
    Specifies the area to which data headers belong: "column" or "row". Data headers appear only when the pivot grid has more than one data field (Sales and Percent in this demo).

Toggle the check boxes below the PivotGrid to change values of the showTotalsPrior, dataFieldArea, and rowHeaderLayout properties.

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