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Pivot Grid

Web API Service

The PivotGrid can communicate with a Web API service. The quantity of aggregated data is irrelevant when aggregation is performed on the server. For example, the PivotGrid works with a million aggregated records in this demo.

To configure access to a Web API service from the client, use the createStore method, which is part of the DevExtreme.AspNet.Data extension. This extension also allows you to configure server-side data processing for DevExtreme components.

You should also set the remoteOperations property to true to notify the PivotGrid that data is aggregated on the server.

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$(function() { $("#sales").dxPivotGrid({ allowSorting: true, allowSortingBySummary: true, allowFiltering: true, height: 620, showBorders: true, rowHeaderLayout: "tree", scrolling: { mode: "virtual" }, dataSource: { remoteOperations: true, store:{ key: "OrderID", loadUrl: "" }), fields: [{ caption: "Category", dataField: "ProductCategoryName", width: 250, expanded: true, sortBySummaryField: "SalesAmount", sortBySummaryPath: [], sortOrder: "desc", area: "row" }, { caption: "Subcategory", dataField: "ProductSubcategoryName", width: 250, sortBySummaryField: "SalesAmount", sortBySummaryPath: [], sortOrder: "desc", area: "row" }, { caption: "Product", dataField: "ProductName", area: "row", sortBySummaryField: "SalesAmount", sortBySummaryPath: [], sortOrder: "desc", width: 250 }, { caption: "Date", dataField: "DateKey", dataType: "date", area: "column" }, { caption: "Amount", dataField: "SalesAmount", summaryType: "sum", format: "currency", area: "data" }, { caption: "Store", dataField: "StoreName" }, { caption: "Quantity", dataField: "SalesQuantity", summaryType: "sum" }, { caption: "Unit Price", dataField: "UnitPrice", format: "currency", summaryType: "sum" }, { dataField: "Id", visible: false }] } }); });
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