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Group Orientation

Users can group appointments by resources. This demo declares a single resource‚ÄĒPriority. Refer to the following demo for more information about resources and their configuration: Resources.

To group appointments by resources, specify the groups[] array. Each element of this array is the fieldExpr of a corresponding resource kind. The order of group headers in the UI is the same as items in the resource instances array. If the groups[] array contains more than one element, groups are nested.

The Scheduler can arrange group headers vertically (in a column) or horizontally (in a row). Use the views.groupOrientation property to set a custom orientation for specific views. This demo shows two Work Week views with different group orientations.

Backend API
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<dx-scheduler timeZone="America/Los_Angeles" [dataSource]="appointmentsData" currentView="Vertical Grouping" [currentDate]="currentDate" [startDayHour]="9" [endDayHour]="16" [groups]="['priorityId']" [showCurrentTimeIndicator]="false" [showAllDayPanel]="false" [crossScrollingEnabled]="true"> <dxi-view type="workWeek" name="Vertical Grouping" groupOrientation="vertical" [cellDuration]="60" [intervalCount]="2"> </dxi-view> <dxi-view type="workWeek" name="Horizontal Grouping" groupOrientation="horizontal" [cellDuration]="30" [intervalCount]="2"> </dxi-view> <dxi-resource [dataSource]="prioritiesData" fieldExpr="priorityId" label="Priority" [allowMultiple]="false" ></dxi-resource> </dx-scheduler>
import { NgModule, Component, enableProdMode } from '@angular/core'; import {BrowserModule} from '@angular/platform-browser'; import {platformBrowserDynamic} from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic'; import {Appointment, Priority, Service} from './app.service'; import {DxSchedulerModule} from 'devextreme-angular'; if(!/localhost/.test( { enableProdMode(); } @Component({ selector: 'demo-app', templateUrl: 'app/app.component.html', styleUrls: ['app/app.component.css'], providers: [Service] }) export class AppComponent { appointmentsData: Appointment[]; currentDate: Date = new Date(2021, 3, 21); prioritiesData: Priority[]; constructor(service: Service) { this.appointmentsData = service.getAppointments(); this.prioritiesData = service.getPriorities(); } } @NgModule({ imports: [ BrowserModule, DxSchedulerModule ], declarations: [AppComponent], bootstrap: [AppComponent] }) export class AppModule {} platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule)
::ng-deep .dx-scheduler-cell-sizes-horizontal { width: 100px; }
import { Injectable } from "@angular/core"; export class Appointment { text: string; priorityId: number; startDate: Date; endDate: Date; } export class Priority { text: string; id: number; color: string; } let appointments: Appointment[] = [ { text: "Website Re-Design Plan", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-19T16:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-19T18:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Book Flights to San Fran for Sales Trip", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-22T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-22T19:00:00.000Z"), }, { text: "Install New Router in Dev Room", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-19T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-19T22:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Approve Personal Computer Upgrade Plan", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-20T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-20T18:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Final Budget Review", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-20T19:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-20T20:35:00.000Z") }, { text: "New Brochures", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-19T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-19T22:15:00.000Z") }, { text: "Install New Database", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-20T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-20T19:15:00.000Z") }, { text: "Approve New Online Marketing Strategy", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-21T19:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-21T21:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Upgrade Personal Computers", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-19T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-19T18:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Prepare 2021 Marketing Plan", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-22T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-22T20:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Brochure Design Review", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-21T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-21T20:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Create Icons for Website", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-23T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-23T18:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Upgrade Server Hardware", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-23T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-23T22:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Submit New Website Design", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-23T23:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-24T01:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Launch New Website", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-23T19:20:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-23T21:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Google AdWords Strategy", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-26T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-26T19:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Rollout of New Website and Marketing Brochures", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-26T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-26T22:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Non-Compete Agreements", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-27T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-27T22:45:00.000Z") }, { text: "Approve Hiring of John Jeffers", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-27T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-27T19:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Update NDA Agreement", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-27T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-27T21:15:00.000Z") }, { text: "Update Employee Files with New NDA", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-30T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-30T18:45:00.000Z") }, { text: "Submit Questions Regarding New NDA", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-28T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-28T18:30:00.000Z") }, { text: "Submit Signed NDA", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-28T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-28T22:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Review Revenue Projections", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-28T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-28T21:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Comment on Revenue Projections", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-26T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-26T20:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Provide New Health Insurance Docs", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-30T19:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-30T22:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Review Changes to Health Insurance Coverage", priorityId: 2, startDate: new Date("2021-04-29T16:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-29T20:00:00.000Z") }, { text: "Review Training Course for any Omissions", priorityId: 1, startDate: new Date("2021-04-29T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-04-29T21:00:00.000Z") } ]; let prioritiesData: Priority[] = [ { text: "Low Priority", id: 1, color: "#1e90ff" }, { text: "High Priority", id: 2, color: "#ff9747" } ]; @Injectable() export class Service { getAppointments(){ return appointments; } getPriorities() { return prioritiesData; } }
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