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Recurring Appointments


This example demonstrates how to define recurring appointments. You can specify the appointment repetition interval programmatically or in the UI. In the former case, the appointment object should contain the recurrenceRule field. In the latter case, toggle the Repeat switcher on the appointment details form to mark the appointment as recurring and specify the required fields.

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<dx-scheduler timeZone="America/Los_Angeles" [dataSource]="appointmentsData" [views]='["day", "week", "month"]' currentView="month" [currentDate]="currentDate" [firstDayOfWeek]="1" [startDayHour]="9" [height]="600"> <dxi-resource fieldExpr="roomId" label="room" [dataSource]="resourcesData" ></dxi-resource> </dx-scheduler>
import { NgModule, Component, enableProdMode } from '@angular/core'; import {BrowserModule} from '@angular/platform-browser'; import {platformBrowserDynamic} from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic'; import {Appointment, Resource, Service} from './app.service'; import {DxSchedulerModule} from 'devextreme-angular'; if(!/localhost/.test( { enableProdMode(); } @Component({ styleUrls: ['app/app.component.css'], selector: 'demo-app', templateUrl: 'app/app.component.html', providers: [Service] }) export class AppComponent { appointmentsData: Appointment[]; currentDate: Date = new Date(2021, 2, 25); resourcesData: Resource[]; constructor(service: Service) { this.appointmentsData = service.getAppointments(); this.resourcesData = service.getResources(); } } @NgModule({ imports: [ BrowserModule, DxSchedulerModule ], declarations: [AppComponent], bootstrap: [AppComponent] }) export class AppModule { } platformBrowserDynamic().bootstrapModule(AppModule)
import { Injectable } from "@angular/core"; export class Appointment { text: string; roomId: number[]; startDate: Date; endDate: Date; recurrenceRule?: string; recurrenceException?: string; } export class Resource { text: string; id: number; color: string; } let appointments: Appointment[] = [ { text: "Watercolor Landscape", roomId: [1], startDate: new Date("2021-03-01T17:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-01T19:00:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=TU,FR;COUNT=10" }, { text: "Oil Painting for Beginners", roomId: [2], startDate: new Date("2021-03-01T17:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-01T19:00:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=MO,TH;COUNT=10" }, { text: "Testing", roomId: [3], startDate: new Date("2021-03-01T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-01T21:00:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=MO;WKST=TU;INTERVAL=2;COUNT=2" }, { text: "Meeting of Instructors", roomId: [4], startDate: new Date("2021-03-01T17:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-01T17:15:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=DAILY;BYDAY=WE;UNTIL=20210401" }, { text: "Recruiting students", roomId: [5], startDate: new Date("2021-02-24T18:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-02-24T19:00:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=YEARLY;BYWEEKNO=14", recurrenceException: "20210411T170000Z" }, { text: "Final exams", roomId: [3], startDate: new Date("2021-02-24T20:00:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-02-24T21:35:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=YEARLY;BYWEEKNO=24;BYDAY=TH,FR" }, { text: "Monthly Planning", roomId: [4], startDate: new Date("2021-03-24T22:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-24T23:45:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=MONTHLY;BYMONTHDAY=28;COUNT=1" }, { text: "Open Day", roomId: [5], startDate: new Date("2021-03-01T17:30:00.000Z"), endDate: new Date("2021-03-01T21:00:00.000Z"), recurrenceRule: "FREQ=YEARLY;BYYEARDAY=87" } ]; let resources: Resource[] = [ { text: "Room 101", id: 1, color: "#bbd806" }, { text: "Room 102", id: 2, color: "#f34c8a" }, { text: "Room 103", id: 3, color: "#ae7fcc" }, { text: "Meeting room", id: 4, color: "#ff8817" }, { text: "Conference hall", id: 5, color: "#03bb92" } ]; @Injectable() export class Service { getAppointments(): Appointment[] { return appointments; } getResources(): Resource[] { return resources; } }
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