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Simple Array


In this demo, the Scheduler UI component visualizes data stored in an in-memory array. The UI component is bound to this array using the dataSource property. Note that object structure complies with the Default Item Structure, that is, each object has the text, startDate and endDate fields.

@model IEnumerable<DevExtreme.NETCore.Demos.Models.Appointment> @(Html.DevExtreme().Scheduler() .ID("scheduler") .DataSource(Model) .TimeZone("America/Los_Angeles") .TextExpr("Text") .StartDateExpr("StartDate") .EndDateExpr("EndDate") .AllDayExpr("AllDay") .Views(new[] { SchedulerViewType.Week, SchedulerViewType.Month }) .CurrentView(SchedulerViewType.Week) .CurrentDate(new DateTime(2021, 5, 25)) .StartDayHour(9) .Height(600) )
using DevExtreme.NETCore.Demos.Models.SampleData; using DevExtreme.NETCore.Demos.ViewModels; using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc; using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; namespace DevExtreme.NETCore.Demos.Controllers { public class SchedulerController : Controller { public ActionResult SimpleArray() { return View(SampleData.SimpleArrayAppointments); } } }