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Select Box


The SelectBox component allows users to select an item from a drop-down list. This demo illustrates the following SelectBox properties:

  • items
    Specifies an array of items displayed in the SelectBox.
  • placeholder
    Specifies the text that is displayed when no items are selected.
  • readOnly
    Prevents users from changing the editor's value via the UI.
  • disabled
    Specifies whether the SelectBox responds to user interaction.
  • dataSource
    Binds the SelectBox to data. Unlike the items property, dataSource accepts the DataSource object that allows users to sort, filter, group, and shape data.
  • fieldTemplate and itemTemplate
    Allow you to customize the text field and drop-down list items.
  • onValueChanged event handler
    Use this function to perform an action when a user chooses a new value. In this demo, this function is used to display the selected value.

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