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Tree List

Column Resizing

The TreeList sets the same width for all columns, but you can change column widths as described below:

Specify Custom Column Widths

You can set custom widths for all or individual columns. Individual settings override common settings. Use the following properties to specify the widths:

Auto-Adjust Column Widths to Content

In this demo, columns adjust their widths to the content. To enable this feature, set the columnAutoWidth property to true.

Allow Users to Resize Columns

Users can resize columns if the allowColumnResizing property is enabled. When a user resizes a column, the TreeList's behavior depends on the columnResizingMode property value:

  • "nextColumn"
    The TreeList resizes the adjacent column; the total component width does not change.

  • "widget"
    The total component width increases or decreases; all other columns maintain their widths.

Use the drop-down list below the TreeList to try both values.

If you do not want users to resize a specific column, disable its allowResizing property.

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