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Tree List

Using Filter Row

The filter row allows users to enter a value for each column and filter grid data by those values. To display the filter row, set the filterRow.visible property to true. If you need to disable a filter row cell for a specific column, set the column's allowFiltering property to false.

Depending on a column's dataType, its filter row cell contains different editors:

dataType Editor
"string", "number", "object" Text box
"boolean" Drop-down list
"date" Date picker
"datetime" Date and time picker

In this demo, the Hire Date column's filter row cell contains a date picker. Other filter row cells contain text boxes.

The TreeList supports a specific set of filterOperations for each data type. Users can click a magnifying glass icon in each filter row cell to specify the selectedFilterOperation.

A column's filter value is stored in the filterValue property. You can use this property to set the filter value in code.

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