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Tree View

Plain Data Structure


The TreeView's plain (one-dimensional) array contains items each of which references its parent item. Use either of the following properties to bind the component to plain data:

  • items[]
    Assigns a local array as shown in this demo.

  • dataSource
    Assigns a DataSource object that allows you to perform data shaping operations and use a remote source.

Each object in the TreeView's plain data structure should include the following fields:

  • id
    Unique item identifier.

  • parentId
    Identifier of the parent item.

  • text
    Text displayed by the item.

You can respectively use the keyExpr, parentIdExpr, and displayExpr properties to specify custom names for the above-mentioned fields. Node objects can also include developer-defined fields and properties from this help section: items[].

In this demo, nodes use the icon and expanded properties. These properties specify the icon and whether a node is collapsed or expanded. Some nodes also include the developer-defined price field.

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