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The DevExtreme JavaScript Gantt component allows users to sort the displayed data by one or more columns. Use the sorting.mode property to switch between the following sort options:

  • Single
    Click on a particular column header to sort the Gantt data by that column. A further click on the header will invert the sort order. A glyph within the column header indicates the sort order.
  • Multiple
    Press and hold the Shift key and select column headers by clicking on them to sort the Gantt data by multiple columns. The overall sort order will depend on the order the column headers were selected. A number is displayed within the header to show the index of that column in the overall sort order.

To exclude a column from the sort criteria, hold Ctrl and click the column header.

A header’s context menu allows a user to define the column’s sort settings. To disable sorting for a particular column, set the column’s allowSorting property to false.

The sortOrder and sortIndex properties allow you to specify the initial sort settings and to change them at runtime.

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