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This demo demonstrates how the DevExtreme Toolbar component can adapt itself to different screen widths.

If you would like to learn more about our feature-complete Toolbar component, please refer to the following tutorial: Getting Started with Toolbar.

In this demo, you can drag our Toolbar container's resizing handle to visualize resize operations and view our rendering implementation on different screens. When used in single-line mode (default), our Toolbar does not wrap content and displays an overflow menu for items that do not fit within the container. Use the locateInMenu property to control whether items appear in the overflow menu.

If Toolbar width exceeds container width (and if you enable the component’s multiline property), our Toolbar wraps content across multiple lines.

Thank you for your interest in our ASP.NET MVC product libraries and UI component suite. We are moving ASP.NET MVC-related demos and content to Please make sure to update your bookmarks with our new URL.

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