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Column Header Filter

A header filter allows users to select values from a predefined set and filter rows by these values. The values are listed in a pop-up menu. To open this menu, users can click header filter icons in column headers.

Display Header Filter Icons

Enable the headerFilter.visible property to display header filter icons for all columns. If you want to hide the icon for a specific column, disable the column's allowHeaderFiltering property.

Enable Search Within Header Filters

Users can search values within header filters. To display the search bar, assign true to the search.enabled property in the global headerFilter object or in a column's headerFilter object. You can also specify a comparison operation used to search header filter values. Use the search.mode property.

Change Available Filter Values

Filter values are generated automatically based on column values. You can group them by a custom groupInterval or specify an entirely different dataSource for an individual header filter. Refer to the property descriptions for more information.

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