This section describes the fields that can be used in code to manipulate the Series object.


Provides information about the state of the series object.

Type: Number

Each series within a chart can be in several states. These states are represented by the numbers that are enumerated in the list below:

  • 0
    Series is not hovered and not selected (normal state);
  • 1
    Series is hovered;
  • 2
    Series is selected;
  • 3
    Series is hovered and selected.

To learn more about the handling of series hover and selection, refer to the Series Hover and Series Selection topics.

Show Example:

In this example, the series' fullState field is used to implement the unselecting of a selected series. The function, which is assigned to the pointClick option, checks the current state of the clicked series. If the series is selected, the selection will be removed using the clearSelection() method. Otherwise, the series will be selected using the series' select() method.




Returns the type of the series.

Type: String

To learn about different series types, refer to the Series help section.

Show Example:

In this example, click the pie series to display the type of this series. This type is received using the series' type field.