A widget used to display scrollable content.

Type: Object

The dxScrollView widget represents a scrollable field that displays data located inside the HTML element representing the widget. The widget includes pullDownAction and reachBottomAction configuration options, which allow you to handle the appropriate events.

Declare functions that handle the pullDown and reachBottom events, and pass them to the appropriate configuration options.

var pulledDown = function(e){
    alert("The ScrollView pulled down");
var reachedBottom = function(e){
    alert("The ScrollView reached the bottom");

To create the dxScrollView widget, add a div element with dxScrollView Knockout binding within the body of the required view.

<div data-bind="dxScrollView:{pullDownAction: pulledDown, reachBottomAction: reachedBottom}">
    <p>The text that should be displayed by the widget.</p>

Refer to the Add a widget documentation section to learn how to create widgets in detail.

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An object defining configuration options for the dxScrollView widget.


This section describes the members used to manipulate the widget.