Utils ui

A namespace that exposes UI widget objects as well as methods specifying information on the current device.


A object that provides methods for displaying a message in an application/site.


Specifies options for the application's view port.

options: Object
An object specifying whether to enable or disable pinch-zooming and panning gestures within the application.

The object passed to this method as a parameter may contain the allowZoom and allowPan Boolean fields, which specify whether to enable or disable pinch-zooming and panning, respectively.

    allowZoom: true,
    allowPan: false

As an alternative, you can set view port options using the viewPort configuration option of the HtmlApplication object.

notify(message, type, displayTime)

Creates a toast message.

message: String
A string value specifying the message text.
type: String
A string value specifying the message type.
displayTime: Number
A numeric value specifying the time span during which the message is shown.

The type parameter can take on one of the following values: 'info'|'warning'|'error'|'success'.

Show Example:
<div data-bind="dxButton: {text: 'Show notification', clickAction: showNotification}"></div>
<div class="dx-fieldset">
  <div class="dx-field">
      <div class="dx-field-label">Type</div>
      <div class="dx-field-value" data-bind="dxLookup: { dataSource: notificationTypes, value: currentType }"></div>
notificationTypes = ['info', 'warning', 'error', 'success'];
currentType = ko.observable(notificationTypes[0]);
showNotification = function () {
  DevExpress.ui.notify('Notification message', currentType, 3000);
body {
    text-align: center;
    margin-top: 25px;