A bullet graph widget.

Type: Object

The dxBullet widget holds a horizontal bar indicating a current value and a vertical line indicating a target value. This widget is useful when you need to visualize progress in completing a task.

The dxBullet widget, like any other ChartJS widget, can be created using one of the three possible approaches: jQuery, Knockout or AngularJS. The following code demonstrates how to create the dxBullet widget within the "bulletContainer" container using the jQuery approach.

  $(function () {
      //Options of the configuration object are specified here

To configure the dxBullet widget, pass a configuration object as the parameter of the constructor. The fields of this object represent widget configuration options. To specify the options, set the required values to the corresponding fields. Refer to the Configuration section to find the options that can be specified for the dxBullet widget.

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An object that specifies configuration options for the dxBullet widget.


This section describes the methods that can be used in code to manipulate objects related to the dxBullet widget.