An object used to manage views, as well as control the application life cycle.

Type: Object

The HtmlApplication object connects markup elements, scripts and styles to a single application, and provides methods for controlling the application life cycle. To create an HtmlApplication object, call the HtmlApplication constructor within the document.ready event handler or the jQuery "$()" function.

$(function () { = new DevExpress.framework.html.HtmlApplication();

To configure the HtmlApplication object, pass a configuration object as the constructor's parameter. Specify the required options within the configuration object. For instance, specify the type of the global navigation to be used in the application. Using the application object, register a routing rule for the application and navigate to a starting view.

window.MyApp = {};
$(function() { = new DevExpress.framework.html.HtmlApplication({
        namespace: MyApp,
        navigationType: 'navbar'
    });":view", { view: "index"});;


This section describes configuration options used to create an HtmlApplication object.


This section describes the methods used to manipulate the application flow.


This section describes events fired by the HtmlApplication object.