Configuration commonMarkerSettings


Use the subvalueIndicator option instead.

An object that defines common configuration options for gauge markers.

Type: Object

Use this object's properties to set options for all gauge markers at once. If you need to set an individual value for a common option, use the corresponding marker object within the markers array. Values that are set individually override the corresponding common values.



Use the subvalueIndicator | arrowLength option instead.

Specifies, in pixels, the arrow length of the 'textCloud' marker.

Type: Number
Default Value: 5



Use the subvalueIndicator | color option instead.

Specifies the color of a marker.

Type: String
Default Value: '#679EC5'

This option supports the following colors.

  • Hexadecimal colors
  • RGB colors
  • RGBA colors (not supported in Internet Explorer 8)
  • Predefined/Cross-browser color names
  • Predefined SVG colors



Use the subvalueIndicator | length option instead.

Specifies the cross-scale size of the 'triangle' marker in pixels.

Type: Number
Default Value: 14



Use the subvalueIndicator | offset option instead.

Specifies, in pixels, the offset of a marker from an invisible scale line.

Type: Number
Default Value: -6



Use the subvalueIndicator | text option instead.

Specifies font and formatting options for text displayed in 'textCloud' markers.

Type: Object



Use the subvalueIndicator | type option instead.

Specifies the marker type for CircularGauge and LinearGauge widgets.

Type: String
Default Value: 'textcloud'
Accepted Values: 'triangle' | 'textcloud'

Both the CircularGauge and LinearGauge widgets can use the 'triangle' or 'textCloud' marker types. The 'triangle' marker points to a value on the scale only. The 'textCloud' marker points to a value and displays this value.

Marker types for the CircularGauge widget:

Marker Type Properties
'triangle' offset, color, length, width
'textCloud' offset, arrowLength, color, text

Marker types for the LinearGauge widget:

Marker Type Properties
'triangle' offset, color, length, width, verticalOrientation, horizontalOrientation
'textCloud' offset, arrowLength, color, text, verticalOrientation, horizontalOrientation



Use the subvalueIndicator | width option instead.

Specifies, in pixels, the 'triangle' marker's size along the scale .

Type: Number
Default Value: 13