A widget that enables a user to select a range of numeric values.

Included in: dx.phonejs.js, dx.webappjs.js, dx.all.js

The dxRangeSlider widget allows a user to specify a range of values.

This widget, like any other DevExtreme UI widget, can be created using one of three possible approaches: jQuery, Knockout or AngularJS. The following code demonstrates how to create the dxRangeSlider widget using the Knockout approach.

<div data-bind="dxRangeSlider:{min:0, max:100, start:rageStart, end:rangeEnd}"></div>

The widget has min and max options that specify the boundary values the range can take on. The current boundary values of the selected range are specified via the start and end options. Declare observable variables and pass them to the start and end options to update their values each time range values change.

var rangeStart = ko.observable(0);
var rangeEnd = ko.observable(10);
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An object defining configuration options for the dxRangeSlider widget.


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