Specifies the options of the minor grid.

Type: Object

In addition to the major grid built on major ticks, the dxChart widget provides the minor grid that is built on minor ticks. The lines of the minor grid extend from the minor ticks throughout the entire chart's plot.

Neither minor ticks, nor the minor grid can be used if the axis is discrete.

To specify the appearance of grid lines, use the options of the minorGrid object. Declared within the commonAxisSettings object, the minorGrid object changes the appearance of horizontal and vertical lines simultaneously. To change the appearance of horizontal or vertical lines individually, declare the minorGrid object in the argumentAxis or valueAxis object respectively. Settings specified individually override those that are set in the commonAxisSettings object.

To make the minor grid visible, set the visible option of the minorGrid object to true. Additionally, you can change the color, opacity and width of the grid lines using the corresponding options.

If you try to display the minor grid without the major grid, the result may be disappointing. Hence, we recommend you use the minor grid only in conjunction with the major grid.


Specifies a color for the lines of the minor grid.

Type: String
Default Value: '#d3d3d3'

This option supports the following colors.

  • Hexadecimal colors
  • RGB colors
  • RGBA colors (not supported in Internet Explorer 8)
  • Predefined/cross-browser color names
  • Predefined SVG colors (not supported in Internet Explorer 8)


Specifies an opacity for the lines of the minor grid.

Type: Number
Default Value: undefined


Indicates whether the minor grid is visible or not.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false


Specifies a width for the lines of the minor grid.

Type: Number
Default Value: 1