Specifies the appearance options of the value indicator.

Type: Object

The value indicator is a pointer that designates the main value of the gauge. There are several types of value indicators. Set the required one by using the type option, and then specify the options that are specific to this type, if needed. To learn about the options that can be specified for a particular type, refer to one of the following sections.

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In this example, the gauge value is indicated by a circle. The appearance of this circle is customized using the color and length options.




Specifies the type of the value indicator.

Type: String
Default Value: 'rangebar'
Accepted Values: 'rectangle' | 'circle' | 'rhombus' | 'rangebar' | 'trianglemarker' | 'textcloud'

Different options of the valueIndicator configuration object can be set for different types of the value indicator. These options are listed within the Indicator Types section.

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