From v18.1, the DevExtreme hybrid mobile-related tools, including DevExtreme SPA Framework, are deprecated. See this blog post for more information.

An object that stores information about views displayed in the application.

Included in:, dx.web.js, dx.viz-web.js, dx.all.js
Export: default


An application uses the viewCache object to save information on the views that were displayed so that this information is used the next time these views are displayed. This allows you to avoid gathering information on a view each time it is displayed and thus shorten the time a view display process takes. You may need to access the application's view cache. To access the application's view cache, use the viewCache field of the HtmlApplication object.

You can influence the way the application's view cache works. In addition, you can provide a custom view cache object to be used by the application. For details, refer to the description of the viewCache application configuration option.


This section describes the methods used to manipulate the application's view cache.


This section describes events fired by the ViewCache object.