A Store accessing an in-memory array.

Included in: dx.phonejs.js, dx.webappjs.js, dx.chartjs.js, dx.all.js
Type: Object

To associate the required array with the ArrayStore, pass this array ArrayStore constructor.

var store = new;

If you need to specify other configuration option of the ArrayStore in addition to the data array, pass the required array to the data configuration option.

var store = new{
    data: array,
    key: "id",
    modified: function() {
        // 'modified' event handler
    errorHandler: function(error) {
        // Error handler

Note, that the key option is required if you are going to use the Store for read-write access to data.

For more information on working with in-memory data, refer to the Data Source Examples article.


This section describes configuration options used to configure the ArrayStore.


This section describes the methods used to access the data associated with the ArrayStore.


This section describes events raised by this Data Store object.

To handle events, use one of the following methods.