Errors and Warnings

This section lists errors and warnings that may occur when using the DevExtreme Data Library.


Signals that a data-related error occurred in external code with which the DevExtreme data works.


Occurs when the an unknown aggregating function is specified.

This error may occur in widgets that include the "summary" feature. For example, if you specify a not-valid summaryType for the dxDataGrid widget, this error will occur.


Occurs when the unsupported OData version in specified for the ODataStore or ODataContext object.

Acceptable OData versions are the following: 2, 3, 4.


Occurs when an unknown filter operation is used.

The available operators are: "=", "<>", ">", ">=", "<", "<=", "startswith", "endswith", "contains", "notcontains".


Occurs when the thenby() method is called before the sortby() method.

The thenby() method can only follow the sortBy(getter), sortBy(getter, desc), thenBy(getter, desc), or another thenBy(getter) method.


Occurs when calling a key-dependent method of the Data Store for which a key is not specified.

This error is specific for ODataStore, JayDataStore and BreezStore. These Data Stores have methods that use information about key properties of the associated data. This information should be specified when creating a Data Store using the key and keyType configuration options.


Occurs when the value that is set to the data configuration option of the ArrayStore object is not an array.

This option takes on an array only.


Occurs when an auto-generated key is required for a Data Store with a compound key expression.

This error is specific for the LocalStore and ArrayStore Data Stores. You can specify a compound key expression for these Data Stores by assigning an array to the key configuration option. If a key is undefined, it will be generated automatically based on the specified key expression. However, a key cannot be generated for a compound key expression. So, make sure keys are specified for data with compound key expressions.


Occurs when items with duplicated keys are inserted.


Occurs when calling the update(key,values) method and specifying the key(s) that cannot be found.

This error is specific to LocalStore and ArrayStore Data Stores.


Occurs when creating the Query object by using the createQuery method of a CustomStore.

This error is specific to the CustomStore Data Store, because this type of a DevExtreme Store does not support the creation of queries.


Occurs when calling a Custom Store method that is not implemented.

This error is specific for the CustomStore Data Store.


Occurs when a method implemented for a Custom Store returns an unexpected result.

This error is specific to the CustomStore Data Store.


Occurs when the name option is not specified for a LocalStore instance.

When creating a LocalStore instance, specify the name configuration option, which is required for identifying the data within the storage.


Occurs when an unknown key type is detected.

This error is specific for the ODataStore and ODataContext objects. The keyType property accepts the following values: String, Int32, Int64, and Guid.


Occurs when calling the objectLink(entityAlias, key) method and passing an entity alias that is not registered for the given ODataCOntext object.


Occurs when the compileSetter(expr) method is called with this passed as a parameter.


Occurs when calling the update(key,values) method to modify a key(s).

This error is specific to ArrayStore Data Stores.


Occurs when the server returns a non-numeric value after the totalCount method of an ODataStore instance is called.

This error is specific to ODataStore data stores.