This section describes configuration options used to create a content placeholder.


Specifies the animation preset used when the placeholder's content is being changed.

Type: String
Default Value: "slide"

A layout markup may contain several content placeholders. If you need to show the contents of all of them at once with a particular animation, you do not need to set the animation option for each of the placeholders. You should wrap the placeholders by an element with the data-options attribute set to dxTransition instead and specify its animation option.


Specifies a CSS position value for placeholder content.

Type: String
Default Value: 'absolute'
Accepted Values: 'absolute'|'static'

If the content that will be rendered to this placeholder has static positioning (its css position property is set to 'static'), set this option to 'static' as well, so that the placeholder css styles are set up accordingly.


Specifies the content placeholder name.

Type: String
Default Value: null

The value of this option should be assigned to the targetPlaceholder option of the dxContent component that defines the markup to be merged to this content placeholder.



Use the animation option instead.

Specifies the type of animation used when placeholder content is being changed.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined
Accepted Values: 'none'|'slide'|'fade'|'overflow'