Specifies options of runtime selection.



dxDataGrid provides users with the capability of selecting grid records at runtime. End-users can perform selection in a single or multiple mode. To specify the required mode, use the mode property of the selection configuration object. You can disable selection completely using the same property.

When the multiple selection mode is specified, a user is capable of selecting all grid records at once using the main check box or the CTRL + A shortcut. To disable this feature, set the allowSelectAll option to false.

Furthermore, you can perform specific actions when a grid record has been selected/deselected. For additional information, refer to the onSelectionChanged option description.

See Also

For a structured overview of dxDataGrid selection capabilities, see the Selection article.

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Specifies whether the user can select all grid records at once.



Default Value: true

In a multiple selection mode, several records can be selected in a grid at runtime. Additionally, dxDataGrid provides a capability for the user to select all grid records at once. For this purpose, he or she can use the CTRL + A shortcut or a check box located in the header of the selection column. To disable this capability, set the allowSelectAll option to false.


Specifies the selection mode.



Default Value: "none"
Accepted Values: "none" | "single" | "multiple"

Selection in the dxDataGrid widget can be carried out in a single or multiple mode. For a comprehensive overview of these modes, refer to the Single Mode and Multiple Mode articles.