Object Structures

This section describes the structure of the objects that are used in API multiple times as function parameters or option values.


Defines animation options.




The device object defines the device on which the application is running.



This object is returned by the DevExpress.devices.current() and DevExpress.devices.real() methods to provide information on the device on which the application is currently running. Use the fields of this object to get the required information on the device.

You can emulate as if the application runs on another device. For this purpose, use the DevExpress.devices.current() function passing the required device object as a parameter.

The information on the device on which the application is currently running is used to provide an appropriate look and feel for the application. In particular, the styles that are most appropriate for the current device will be applied.


The position object specifies the widget positioning options.



This object is passed to the position configuration option of a widget that overlays the main screen (dxLoadPanel, dxPopup, dxPopover, and dxToast).

The positionConfig object may contain the following fields: my, at, of, offset and collision. Look at the following sentence to see how to use these fields to position the required element against the target element.

"Place my 'left' side at the 'left bottom' corner of the '#targetElement'." The italic quoted phrase located after each option name within the sentence represents a value of the appropriate option.