This section describes configuration options used to create a command.


Indicates whether or not the widget that displays this command is disabled.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false


Specifies the name of the icon shown inside the widget associated with this command.

Type: String
Default Value: ''

This option can take on the name of an icon from the built-in icon library.



Use the icon option instead.


The identifier of the command.

Type: String
Default Value: null

Setting this option is mandatory, since a command identifier is required when defining an application's command mapping. The identifier should be unique throughout the entire application.


Specifies an action performed when the execute() method of the command is called.

Function parameters:

Provides function parameters.

Object structure:
component: Object

Returns the command instance.

element: jQuery

Returns an HTML element representing the command.

model: Object

Provides access to the data that is available for binding against the element. Available only in the Knockout and AngularJS approaches.

Default Value: null

Assign a function to perform a custom action when the command is executed.

You can assign a URL to which the browser will navigate when the widget is clicked. The URL can be presented as a string or an object, both conforming to the navigation routing registered in the application. In addition, you can specify navigation parameters. For this purpose, specify command options with the same names as the fields of the options object passed as the second parameter to the HtmlApplication.navigate(uri, options) method. For details on using commands for navigation, refer to the Navigate to a View topic.


Specifies whether the current command is rendered when a view is being rendered or after a view is shown.

Type: String
Default Value: 'onViewShown'
Accepted Values: 'onViewShown' | 'onViewRendering'


Specifies the title of the widget associated with this command.

Type: String
Default Value: ''


Specifies the type of the button, if the command is rendered as a dxButton widget.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

See the dxButton's type option description for information on accepted values.


A Boolean value specifying whether or not the widget associated with this command is visible.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: true