Tabbed Item

This article describes configuration options of a tabbed form item.

For detailed information on creating tabbed items, see the Create Tabbed Items topic.


Specifies the number of columns spanned by the item.

Type: Number
Default Value: undefined


Specifies a CSS class to be applied to the form item.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

In dxForm, you can customize the appearance of form items using CSS styles. To apply a style to an item, implement a CSS class, which may contain various properties, and assign the name of this class to the cssClass option of the item.


Specifies the type of the current item.

Type: String
Default Value: 'simple'
Accepted Values: 'simple' | 'group' | 'tabbed' | 'empty'

The structure of the form item object depends on the value of this option.

This article describes the structure of an item whose type is "tabbed". The following item types are also available.

  • simple
    Simple item is an editor-label pair usually bound to a formData object field used to display and modify this field.

  • group
    Group item is a section consisting of a caption and child form items. You can customize the layout options for each group separately.

  • empty
    Empty item is an empty span between neighboring items. You can specify the number of columns spanned by an empty item.


Holds a configuration object for the dxTabPanel widget used to display the current form item.

Type: Object
Default Value: undefined


An array of tab configuration objects.

Type: Array
Default Value: undefined

Each item of the array passed to this option can have fields described below.


Specifies whether or not the current form item is visible.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: true


Specifies the sequence number of the item in a form, group or tab.

Type: Number
Default Value: undefined

Items whose visible index is not specified are located at the end of the sequence and are ordered alphabetically.