Specifies options for labels displayed at the min and max values.

Type: Object


Specifies a format for labels.

Default Value: function(value) { return value }

A function passed to this option should take on a numeric value and return a formatted value. For instance, you can add a "$" sign before a value. In this case, the function passed to the format option should look like the following.

function(value) {
    return "$" + value;

You can also pass a string satisfying Globalize format patterns to the format option.

If you set this option to 'currency', labels will be formatted according to the settings specified for the current culture in the globalize library. To provide a custom 'currency' format, assign a function to this option.


Specifies whether labels are located over or under the scale.

Type: String
Default Value: 'bottom'
Accepted Values: 'top' | 'bottom'


Specifies whether or not slider labels are visible.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false